Clean Air for All - reducing transport-related emissions with legal action

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19 Dec 2018

On 19 December 2018 (6:00 PM - 7:00 PM CET), the Energy Future Exchange (EFEX) is hosting a webinar on "Clean Air for All - reducing transport-related emissions with legal action".

Mobility is a core need of modern society. However, the way we organize it today, the way we let industry follow their interest without effective control and market surveillance, road transport contributes significantly to unhealthy air pollution and CO2 emission with negative impacts on our climate. Taking legal action for better air quality in urban regions is one instrument to address this challenge. A broad range of measures is needed to support a better understanding and communication of the challenges and of the opportunities related to this matter.

This webinar is free and open to all interested in clean air and a healthy environment. 

Speaker Dorothee Saar is head of the transport and air quality team at DUH, a German non profit environment organization. She joined DUH in 2006 after several years of working as landscape planner mainly on infrastructural projects. Dorothee holds a degree from Technical University Berlin.

DUH is a German NGO working on transport and air quality (and other topics like nature conservation, renewable energy, circular economy and others), founded in 1975 with headquarters in Berlin and at Lake Constance. DUH is engaged in clean road transport for many years, significant successes are the introduction of low Sulphur fuel and the diesel particle filter. DUH has significantly contributed to elucidate the diesel scandal and runs its own exhaust measurements under real driving conditions to highlight the need of better implementation and control of exhaust cleaning technology. We consider technical improvements as part of an overall change in mobility and transport that is needed for other reasons as well: to comply with our climate targets, for less noise and more safety on the roads, for better quality of life in urban regions. We take legal action also to ensure compliance with existing air quality standards and understand them as a driver towards sustainable transport modes.

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