Pilot Ecosystem Account for Southern Palawan

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January 2016
Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES), World Bank Group, Southern Palawan Technical Working Group

Resource-rich Palawan in southwest Philippines is reeling under increasing conversion of forest lands to plantation and household-level agriculture, intensive mineral extraction, illegal logging, and other pressures on its ecosystems despite boasting large protected areas and a significant share of the country’s remaining forests. Driving these and other economic activities in the island province are competing demands on the province’s natural resources while various ecosystem management options bring a number of trade-offs between environmental sustainability and economic progress.

This technical report, Pilot Ecosystem Account for Southern Palawan, explores the specific challenges confronting natural resource management in Southern Palawan and presents the key findings of the ecosystem accounts, which were developed at different scales (depending on data availability), including the Pulot watershed and the municipalty of Sofroñio Española. It was developed over a period of almost two years (January 2014 to December 2015).

The ecosystem account comprises the following:
Land account, focusing on land cover, land use, and changes in land cover
Carbon account, covering carbon stored and sequestered in the forests of the pilot site
Ecosystem condition account, including terrestrial and coastal condition indicators
Ecosystem services supply account, revolving around the flow of these services, specifically water regulation, crop production, and fisheries
Ecosystem asset account, focusing on crop production