Enabling Adoption of Electric Mobility in Public Transportation in India

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June 2017
Siddarthan Balasubramania, Prasoon Agarwal, Rohit Pathania, Swati Lal

India is on track to become the third largest road transportation market in the world by 2020, driven by strong economic growth and rapid urbanization. Electric mobility is a sustainable solution for the future that has the potential to enhance India’s national energy security and contribute to green economic growth by reducing pollutants and dependence on fossil fuels. Himachal Pradesh (HP), a hill state in North India, has evolved rapidly in terms of economic growth and holds the promise of considerable progress owing to its rich natural resource base. However, at the same time, HP is confronted with mobility related challenges, such as the growing number of private vehicles and an influx of tourists.

GGGI has supported the State Government of Himachal Pradesh in developing and implementing its Green Growth Strategy and established a business case for introduction of electric vehicles, a first in the country. GGGI also supported the state with a pre-feasibility assessment for deployment of battery powered electric buses for public transport, with a focus on technical, environmental, and socio‑economic relevance. 

Energy, Transport