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June 2017
Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)
The case study Greening Industrial Parks — A Case Study on South Korea’s Eco-Industrial Park Program presents the National Eco-Industrial Park (EIP) program, which was launched by the Korean National Cleaner Production Center (KNCPC) in 2003.
January 2016
World Bank Group, Korea Green Growth Partnership (KGGP)

Water security and water quality affect numerous economic sectors and areas: agriculture, energy, disaster management, and others. Countries need balanced and integrated approaches that are economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable.

October 2015
World Bank Group, Korea Green Growth Partnership (KGGP)

Big cities in developing countries are centers of economic growth, and magnets for people seeking better opportunities. That is the good part.

February 2015
World Bank Group

Korea’s bold initiative, the Green Growth Plan (GGP), spanning 2009 to 2013 with fiscal outlay of US$84 billion, posed a significant challenge to sustainable public finance management in Korea.

July 2014
Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), Green Growth Best Practice (GGBP)

The Government of the Republic of Korea estimated that an investment of USD 105 billion in green growth between 2009 and 2013 would bring about 1.18 million jobs in the country (PCGG, 2009b).

January 2014
World Bank Group, Korea Green Growth Partnership (KGGP)

This paper explains why the Republic of Korea adopted green growth as a new national development strategy and details how it has been implemented by the government.

April 2013
The Growth Dialogue

The greening of urban development is finally receiving increased attention. This is long overdue, as the globe’s burgeoning urban population is using ever more resources and energy, which intensifies environmental pressures.

June 2012
International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG)

The concept of Green Growth has been recently advocated in different international venues such as OECD, UNEP, World Bank, IEA, and at the G8 and G20 meetings. Within this framework, South Korea is the first country in the World to make Green Growth Strategy a national one.