The “Eco-Agricultural Business for the Adaptation to Changes in Climate” Project in Cameroon

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July 2017
Marco Antonielli
Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED)

Implemented in 2013-14 under the Canada Fund for African Climate Resilience, the Eco-Agricultural Business for the Adaptation to Changes in Climate (B-ADAPT) project sought to enhance and diversify income and food security among vulnerable populations of southern Cameroon. It did so by engaging men and women farmers and local entrepreneurs in 11 communes of the area in experiments with new agricultural techniques and forest-based enterprises, and providing access to necessary inputs, financial services and market infrastructure. It also introduced new organizational practices, including the formation of farmer field schools (champs école) around which groups of farmers worked and learned together. The project was run by the NGO Cuso International in cooperation with the African Model Forest Network.