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The GGKP has access to the world's leading practitioners and experts on green growth. Our Insights Blog provides a place for you to tap into their latest thinking, including around recent research, new projects and upcoming events. Our latest blogs are listed below. 

28 September 2015
Carlo Carraro
Carlo Carraro, discusses the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the preliminary results of FEEM's new APPS – Assessment, Projections and Policy for Sustainable Development Goals.
16 September 2015
Jason Potts
Jason Potts, IISD, discusses the role of voluntary sustainability standards in fulfilling Sustainable Development Goal 12.
4 September 2015
Yvo de Boer
Yvo de Boer, Director-General of the Global Green Growth Institute, discusses how a lack of investment is still holding clean technologies back and why businesses need to work together with policymakers to shift the status quo.
1 September 2015
Carlo Carraro
GGKP Advisory Committee Co-chair, Carlo Carraro, discusses the fiscal implications of climate change and how climate change through the damage it causes and its impacts on growth can be fiscal problem, which in the long run poses serious obstacles to the sustainability of public finances.
18 August 2015
Event Updates
Claudia Martinez
Claudia Martinez, discusses some of the concepts behind CDKN Colombia's recent workshop to explore and aid understanding of green growth and climate compatible development in Eastern Antioquia.
11 August 2015
Geurt van de Kerk

It will be Green Growth or No Growth at all, in the not too distant future. Which one is up to us? A bold statement? Not at all.

7 August 2015
Peter Wooders
The downturn in oil prices over the past year has hit Nigeria’s public budget hard. When money is tight, governments should first phase out programmes that are expensive and have low benefit to their intended beneficiaries. Subsidising gasoline fits the bill perfectly. The IISD's Peter Wooders discusses the need for subsidies reform in Nigeria.
4 August 2015
Sri Mulyani Indrawati

Over the last 20 years, economic growth has helped to lift almost a billion people out of extreme poverty. But 1 billion people are still extremely poor.

21 July 2015
Gary Kleiman
Reducing the amount of black carbon – which includes soot from diesel buses and cookstoves – in the atmosphere offers a relatively speedy way to realize climate benefits plus help improve people’s health. A new study identifies how to boost financing for projects to reduce black carbon, many of which also offer benefits for local communities.
16 July 2015
Nathalie Girouard
Nathalie Girouard, Head of the Environmental Performance and Information Division Environment Directorate at the OECD, discusses the findings from their new report "Towards Green Growth? Tracking Progress".


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