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The GGKP has access to the world's leading practitioners and experts on green growth. Our Insights Blog provides a place for you to tap into their latest thinking, including around recent research, new projects and upcoming events. Our latest blogs are listed below. 

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6 February 2018
Michael Grubb, Nadia Ameli
The transition to a low carbon economy is a capital-intensive process requiring large scale finance combined with suitable low-carbon investment projects. There is no shortage of capital available globally – the financial sector encompasses more than EUR 100 trillion of assets globally – but several factors inhibit the expansion of private finance in low-carbon investment.
9 February 2018
Eoin Sinnott
"Natural Capital in Carolina's Kitchen" is the first in a series of blogs focused on natural capital, including national strategies for integrating natural capital into development plans and actions to scale up investment in ecological infrastructure.
1 February 2018
Rafael Leal-Arcas
"Trade agreements have tremendous potential as legal instruments to help mitigate climate change and drive and deliver sustainable energy," says Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas of Queen Mary University of London, "but many questions need to be answered."
25 January 2018
Jörg Peters, Luciane Lenz
"We should think about ways to develop smart subsidies for solar electricity, accompanied by careful cost-benefit mechanisms to plan how and where to extend the grid," says Jörg Peters and Luciane Lenz – winners of the Best Paper Award at the Fifth GGKP Annual Conference.
25 January 2018
Luis Mundaca
In Scandinavia, behavioural economics is increasingly applied in the context of green energy economy policy analysis. What can it tell us?
11 January 2018
In 2017, the Ground_Up team ran a pilot internship program that aimed to develop green advisory skills among university students. A replicable internship package has since been developed with details about the internship process, curriculum, a green business model survey, a sustainable business model canvas, and an internship report template.
9 January 2018
Ben Martin
The Green Economy Barometer is the Green Economy Coalition's annual stock-take of the global economy, charting the advances and setbacks on the road to a fairer, greener economy, and looking ahead to what's on the horizon.
19 December 2017
Annawati van Paddenburg
It is high time to prioritize peat! How do we create markets, blend finance and catalyze private sector investment?
20 December 2017
Adrien Vogt-Schilb
Climate change has the potential to disrupt labor markets in the region both directly (through events such as floods, hurricanes, heat waves, and changes in precipitation patterns) and indirectly (through changes in regulations and policies meant to fight climate change, such as green taxes or emission reduction policies). The good news is that evidence suggests that transitioning to a zero-carbon economy will result in a net creation of jobs.
30 November 2017
Anja von Moltke
Trade is usually associated with economic growth and organizations such as the World Trade Organization. Why is this topic relevant to the work of UN Environment?