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26 July 2018
Sara Jane O'Neill
Natural assets provide many of the same services to communities as engineered assets but are generally not accounted for and/or are undervalued in asset management practices.
25 July 2018
Will Bugler
Sixteen leading banks, UN Environment Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) and Acclimatise, have published new methodologies that help banks understand how the physical risks and opportunities of a changing climate might affect their loan portfolios.
24 July 2018
Gonzalo Alcalde
In 2012 a UN Environment-GIZ study recognized Peru’s potential “to become a leader and a model for other countries to follow in their transition to a green economy”, focusing on the biodiversity-based industry and bio-trade. Where does Peru's transition to a green economy stand now?
16 July 2018
Event Updates
Joy Aeree Kim
"The reporting under the SDG12c indicator will be the first attempt to systemically monitor fossil fuel subsidies to both consumption and production sides, based on national data of 193 UN member countries and collected by an internationally agreed methodology," says Joy Kim, Climate Change Expert at UN Environment.
16 July 2018
Event Updates
Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi
"There is a need to introduce sound and responsible policies and practices from fish to dish. What type of policies and practices are we talking about?" Hear more from Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.
13 July 2018
Lindsay C. Stringer
Effective action on climate change needs us to make sure that the efforts of one group aren’t undermined by those of another. In the policy realm, this means we need policies to work together across different sectors, rather than against one another. Working out how we can achieve these things in a coherent manner across policy sectors presents a substantial governance challenge.
13 July 2018
Steven Stone
UN Environment has launched a new initiative to unite with communities of faith to repair our common home - #Faith4Earth. Reaching out to the literally hundreds of millions of people who find their home and strengthen their resolve to act in these communities of faith.
29 June 2018
Jochen Hinkel

Sea-levels may rise substantially above 1 or even 2 meters during the 21st century. To what extent will coastal societies be able to adapt? Following the headlines, one easily gets the impression that sea-level rise will simply wash away coastal cities and small islands.

28 June 2018
Vinit Atal, Gireesh Shrimali
Researchers have developed a five-step methodology for central and state level government agencies looking to provide financial risk mitigation interventions to improve the credit profile of renewable energy projects in India.
25 June 2018
Sheng Fulai
"It is necessary to ensure that the economic, social and environmental implications of potential infrastructure projects are considered holistically from the earliest stages of planning and development. It is also essential for ensuring coordination between different infrastructure sectors such as transport, energy and water," says Fulai Sheng, Senior Economist at UN Environment.