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The GGKP has access to the world's leading practitioners and experts on green growth. Our Insights Blog provides a place for you to tap into their latest thinking, including around recent research, new projects and upcoming events. Our latest blogs are listed below. 

22 January 2014
Benjamin Simmons
Welcome to the new web platform of the GGKP! In this "Insights" post, Benjamin Simmons, Head of the GGKP, discusses the web platform's aim and presents an overview of its unique features.
1 December 2013
Partner in Focus
Dirk Messner
In this GGKP Partner in Focus feature, Dirk Messner, Director of the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut fuer Entwicklungspolitik (DIE), talks about DIE’s work in the field of Green Growth.
6 November 2013
Amanda McKee
​Amanda McKee, Communications and Outreach Officer for the GGKP, shares her reflections on a set of GGKP interviews carried out with thought leaders in the field of green growth.
30 October 2013
Event Updates
Rachel Waddell
​Rachel Waddell, Senior Advisor for GGGI, reports on the Economics of Green Growth Conference, organised in October 2013 by GGGI, the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment and the Oxford Review of Economic Policy.
23 October 2013
Christina Wollesen, Siv Øystese, Simone Quatrini, Harald Heubaum
​In June 2013, the OSLO Consortium initiated the public-private dialogue “New Opportunities from Natural Wealth Management” in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS). Out of the dialogue, five practical lessons were identified to scale up green growth in the region. Christina Wollesen, Siv Øystese and Simone Quatrini from the Global Mechanism outline why these are a good place to start for any economy that’s putting green growth on the agenda.
14 October 2013
Event Updates
Eva Grambye
​Eva Grambye, Special Envoy for the Global Green Growth Forum, talks about the exciting progress in the preparations for the third annual Global Green Growth Forum, taking place in Copenhagen October 21-22 2013.
29 September 2013
Luc Willems, Hans Mooren
Luc Willems, Vice-secretary-general of the Benelux Union and Hans Mooren, Senior policy advisor, Secretariat-General of the Benelux Union, discuss the complexity of measuring and monitoring green growth in cross-border regions and present findings from the joint OECD-Benelux project aimed at defining solutions.
22 September 2013
Nidhi Kalra
Nidhi Kalra, Senior Decision Scientist at the World Bank, introduces new methodologies to help policy-makers make better decisions when faced with uncertainty and disagreement. In a series of upcoming blog posts, she and her colleagues will present concepts and examples of how this innovative work is being applied on the ground.
15 September 2013
Tools and Initiatives
Fatema Rajabali
Fatema Rajabali of the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, introduces the Knowledge Navigator, a CDKN-sponsored tool that allow users to find and access information on over 100 climate change focused knowledge platforms.
27 August 2013
Stephane Hallegatte
Stéphane Hallegatte, Senior Economist with the World Bank, presents new research from the World Bank and the OECD on how climate change, rapid urbanization, and subsiding land are putting the world's coastal cities at increasing risk of dangerous and costly flooding.


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