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26 November 2017
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Marianne Fay, Amanda McKee
Affordable and reliable access to infrastructure is critical for development, with major implications for health, education, social mobility, firm productivity, climate change, energy, forests and biodiversity. But access alone is not enough. What we really need is sustainable infrastructure. Sustainable infrastructure will provide the services and foundation for growth that are needed to reduce poverty and boost shared prosperity – but to get there, we must substantially increase financing for infrastructure in the developing world.
24 November 2017
Stephanie Cairns
A dozen years have passed since the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment popularized the concept of ecosystem services. In that time, the efforts of those working on natural capital and ecosystem services have shifted from debating the concepts to developing practical methods to incorporate their values into the decisions made at cabinet, council, boardrooms and kitchen tables. One recent model, led by the Municipal Natural Assets Initiative (MNAI), has focused on how to integrate consideration of natural capital into the major service delivery decisions made by local governments.
17 February 2017
David Dodman

At a meeting of community organisations in Ibadan, Nigeria, local government officials and academics explored how to deal with the risks facing Africa's urban poor.

7 December 2016
Sara Castro
Today, consumption trends show that our preferences can move upwards towards sustainability, but it isn’t a straight path. As we develop, our consumption preferences change departing from our traditions and roots. But as we grow in our awareness and learning on the impacts of our consumption choices, we tend to return to our roots, building on these through research, innovation and technology. While we always imagined our journey to sustainable development as a linear set of steps. Instead, we can now begin to think of it as journey on a spiral staircase.
14 November 2016
Anna Walnycki
Anna Walnycky, IIED, discusses the new urban agenda as a unique opportunity for state authorities at all levels to realise the human rights of all inhabitants.
7 November 2016
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Maha Skah

Are you a city-dweller, concerned about the challenges of urbanisation, resilience and inclusiveness?

13 July 2016
Joan Clos

If urbanisation is one of the most important global trends of the 21st century, with some 70% of the world’s population forecasted to live in cities by 2050, then urbanisation in Africa – and the ways in which that growth occurs – marks one of the most significant opportunities for achieving glob

7 July 2015
Stefanos Fotiou
In this blog, Stefanos Fotiou, UNEP, discusses the future of cities and the relation between cities, environment, markets and lifestyles.
15 September 2014
Event Updates
Raouf Dabbas
In the run-up to the 3rd Eco-Cities Forum to be held in Jordan, 18-20 October 2014, Raouf Dabbas, Senior Advisor in Jordan’s Ministry of Environment, outlines the potential for green growth to generate new and sustainable business opportunities for our cities.
8 May 2014
Event Updates
Scott A. Muller
Scott Muller of the LEDSGP working group on Sub-national Implementation shares some of the themes discussed during the parallel session on Sub-national Governance and Climate at the GGKP and Africa LEDS Partnership workshops in Kinshasa, DRC last April 2014.