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The GGKP has access to the world's leading practitioners and experts on green growth. Our Insights Blog provides a place for you to tap into their latest thinking, including around recent research, new projects and upcoming events. Our latest blogs are listed below. 

13 July 2018
Lindsay C. Stringer
Effective action on climate change needs us to make sure that the efforts of one group aren’t undermined by those of another. In the policy realm, this means we need policies to work together across different sectors, rather than against one another. Working out how we can achieve these things in a coherent manner across policy sectors presents a substantial governance challenge.
5 April 2018
John Moorhead
Project Drawdown brought together a qualified and diverse group of researchers to identify, research and model the most substantive, existing solutions to address climate change and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These range from bioplastics to artificial leafs to building automation, clean cookstoves, coastal wetlands, living buildings, cows walking on beaches, and more.
19 December 2017
Annawati van Paddenburg
It is high time to prioritize peat! How do we create markets, blend finance and catalyze private sector investment?
12 May 2014
Event Updates
Iain Henderson, Sean Kidney, Johan Kieft
Finance experts Iain Henderson and Johan Kieft, in Jakarta for the Forests Asia Summit; and Sean Kidney, at the Abu Dhabi UN Ascent, look into all the exciting around green bonds as a mechanism to finance sustainable land use.
21 March 2014
Ivo Mulder
UNEP’s new International Resource Panel report shows how REDD+ must move from pilot project to mainstream if the world is to significantly reduce emissions that contribute to climate change, ecosystem degradation and loss of biodiversity.
7 February 2014
Tools and Initiatives
William Shubert
William Shubert of Internews worked to develop the ground-breaking InfoAmazonia platform with CDKN support; now he’s the project manager for a similar initiative in Indonesia, called Ekuatorial, which launches last week. He explains how these geojournalism projects have developed – and what potential they hold.
30 January 2014
Tools and Initiatives
Chris Stephens
Chris Stephens, Program Manager with GGGI, presents some of the highlights of the GGGI Indonesia team's work in 2013, including deep dive assessments of selected green technologies, the transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2 of REDD+ in Indonesia and the application of cost-benefit analysis in green growth planning.
30 May 2013
Anja von Moltke
Anja von Moltke, Acting Head of UNEP's Trade, Policy and Planning Unit, outlines the imperative for greening international trade, as presented in the new UNEP Report: "Green Economy and Trade - Trends, Challenges and Opportunities."