Responding to user needs through the new Green Growth Knowledge Platform

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HeadGreen Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP)
22 January 2014

Welcome to the new website for the Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP) at

Our aim is straightforward:  to give policy makers, academics, experts and other professionals easy access to the most relevant green growth studies, policy analysis, guidance and data.

As anyone involved in creating knowledge management systems or platforms knows, this is no easy task. Although collecting knowledge is relatively straightforward, it is of limited use if you are unable to connect the most relevant knowledge to the users.

A user-friendly design

With this in mind, the first three months of site development were dedicated exclusively to understanding our users, their knowledge needs, and the best ways to connect the knowledge to them. This period of intense user outreach and needs analysis involved distributing surveys to thousands of potential users, conducting in-person interviews at conferences and workshops, and consulting knowledge management professionals from our partner and other organizations.  

The insights we gained were invaluable.

The first was about the users themselves. The potential user group was unexpectedly – and impressively – diverse, in terms of both geographic background (we heard from experts in 31 different countries) and technical and professional background.  

The second insight involved a combination of organization and curation. Being comprehensive wouldn’t be enough. To build a successful platform, we would need to arrange the content in a way that would reflect both user needs and current trends in research, policy and implementation.

Various entry points

Given the diversity of users, we designed the new Green Growth Knowledge Platform to feature various entry points reflecting different interests and approaches to green growth.

For those with a regional or national focus, a green growth map provides quick graphical access to 193 country pages of related green growth research, projects, policies and data. For those with sectoral or thematic interests, the site includes 27 sector and theme pages drawing together relevant resources, projects and blogs.


The site is also automatically translatable via a translate widget into over 50 languages.

Knowledge databases

These entry points are complemented by several databases, including a searchable e-library of over 600 technical and policy resources, a global database of green growth projects by leading organizations and institutions, and twenty national-level datasets (the datapoints are displayed on the various country pages, see for instance Ethiopia).

News, events and Insights blog

The platform also provide updates and information to users on the latest research, tools and events through an active news feed, an events page, and our Insights blog, which offers analysis and opinions on innovations in green growth theory and practice by leading experts.

Catalyzing new knowledge – and filling the gaps

The web platform now also includes information and updates on the second part of GGKP’s mission – generating collaborative research. Specifically, the GGKP works with its partners to identify knowledge gaps in green growth theory and practice, prioritize these gaps, and then develop the research and data to respond.

Over the past few months the GGKP has launched several research committees to take this work forward. Topics currently include trade and competitiveness, technology and innovation, measurement and indicators, and fiscal instruments.

Keeping It Fresh

Finally, as the field of green growth and green economy grows and evolves, you can expect to see similar changes reflected throughout the GGKP website. Content will be continually expanded upon as it becomes available, and new focus areas will be added as the need arises – and as our users suggest.

Feedback Welcome

With that, I invite you to visit the new GGKP website, explore the resources we have to offer and share with us your comments and suggestions to ensure we continually meet your needs. 

The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the GGKP or its Partners.