Research highlights from the GGKP’s Sixth Annual Conference – Q&A with Dr. Maria Angela Zafra

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Co-Founder and Executive DirectorStrategia Development Research Institute Inc.
22 November 2018
Event Updates

On 27-28 November 2018, the GGKP's Sixth Annual Conference was held in conjunction with the OECD's 2018 Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum (GGSD) on the theme of "Inclusive solutions for the green transition: Competitiveness, jobs/skills and social dimensions" in Paris, France.   

Dr. Maria Angela Zafra presented her paper 'Climate Change Adaptation in the Philippines: Case and Policy Analysis of the People's Survival Fund' in Session B: 'Policies for Regional Resilience and Distributional Impacts'. Dr. Maria Angela Zafra is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Strategia Development Research Institute, Inc, a nonprofit research organization focused on providing policy research, capacity building, and technical assistance in various social and economic development areas.

1) Please briefly describe the topic and conclusion of your research. 

The paper is a policy analysis of the People's Survival Fund (PSF), a Philippine government initiative that aims to provide long-term finance streams to enable the government to effectively address the problem of the Philippines as one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change. The analysis identifies the strengths and the gaps of  the People's Survival Fund across four policy dimensions: actors, context, content, and process.
2) What are the key policy messages/implications? 
Despite the amount of available funding (1 billion pesos), only 6 projects have been approved so far. The capacity of organizations, especially local government units, to craft strong project proposals should be developed. They need to learn how to integrate climate science with the socio-economic elements to create implementable projects that have real impact potential. Otherwise, the People's Survival Fund will remain inaccessible to most.
3) Which session are you interested in attending at the at the conference/forum and why? 
As a business school professor, I'm particularly interested in the session on green growth strategies for firms. The private sector needs to be involved in climate change adaptation not only because they can bridge the gap in the amount of finance required globally but because inclusive business models can be a source of competitive advantage.
4) What are the next steps for your research?
I only had the chance to interview 1 out of the 6 approved People's Survival Fund projects. The six projects have different adaptation approaches, rationale, projects and implementing partners.  I'd like to be able to interview all of them to see if there are common experiences and challenges. Most of these projects are also about to be implemented. I'd like to do a longitudinal study and follow the different municipalities as they implement their PSF projects.
5) What are the opportunities for collaboration around this issue? 
It would be nice to work with different researchers from around the world and develop a sourcebook for different climate financing initiatives across developing countries.

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