Climate-Smart Planning Platform (CSPP) featured at the Global Green Growth Summit 2013

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Manager, Climate-Smart Planning Platform
19 June 2013
Tools and Initiatives

John Rogers, Manager for the Climate-Smart Planning Platform, introduces the new initiative and outlines its core founding principles of open source development and open data. The Climate-Smart Planning Platform, together with the GGKP, GGBP and REEEP organized a side event around these principles at the Global Green Growth Summit 2013.

Under the umbrella of the Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP), the World Bank and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) are developing, with a number of interested partners, the Climate-Smart Planning Platform (CSPP), a new initiative that seeks to foster climate change mitigation and resilience planning in developing countries.  The Platform addresses an existing gap in knowledge with toolkits and capacity for climate-smart planning and supports efforts to enhance investment readiness through the identification of financeable programs for climate action. 

The CSPP was featured at this year’s Global Green Growth Summit (GGGS) 2013 during a side event on “The Future of Green Growth Knowledge: Sharing Open Data and Tools". The side event was hosted jointly by the Green Growth Knowledge Platform, the Green Growth Best Practices Initiative (GGBP), the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), and CSPP. It provided an opportunity to learn about and discuss current green growth knowledge management and knowledge sharing activities, and to consider ways in which we can maximize the sharing of knowledge globally in the future.  It focused on two main topics, which are also core principles of the side event’s organizers: open source development and how collaborative, community-based initiatives can help refine and expand tools for green growth, as well as the open data movement and how to make the most of it to mobilize relevant and up-to-date information for green growth.

CSPP’s participation in this side event follows from the launch of a prototype of the Platform last April at the 2nd Annual Conference of the Green Growth Knowledge Platform in Paris, around a pilot set of approximately 30 well-established modeling tools, methods, and approaches from 10 initial partners.  This prototype can be accessed at

The CSPP seeks to provide a neutral forum where developing countries engaged in Climate-Smart planning can freely access: (i) a suite of open global, regional and country datasets; (ii) a set of road-tested, linked, open tools, methods and approaches (with methodologies and user guidance) that span a country’s modeling needs; and (iii) knowledge products and capacity support.  It will additionally provide a collaborative space where developing-country practitioners and providers of data and tools can engage and exchange knowledge and experience. 

During the GGGS side event, Mattia Romani, Deputy Director General and Chief Economist of the Global Green Growth Institute highlighted that the Platform is using cutting-edge technologies to provide easily accessible tool, data, and knowledge products and establish a community of practice to exchange experience and provide opportunities to improve tools and data and support users in an open and transparent fashion. The Platform has also partnered with LEDS GP, who will participate in supporting the Platform’s help desk to ensure timely advice and assistance to users on methods, data, and tools.

The Platform will integrate tools, data, knowledge products, technical assistance, and a collaborative environment to assist in the formulation of local strategies to mitigate GHG emissions, through energy systems--covering both the promotion of energy efficiency measures and adoption of clean energy technologies—and non-energy measures such as industrial process emissions, waste, agriculture, and forestry.

As the Platform matures, it will be possible to expand to broader issues of macroeconomics and resilience. Further, the platform could potentially expand beyond Climate-Smart Planning to encompass more general ‘readiness support’: tools, data, policies, capabilities and financing for Green Growth. The Platform is expected to promote the move towards the refinement and convergence of datasets, a better-connected set of open-access and open-source tools and methodologies that exploit synergies, and to stimulate the development of tool enhancements and additional complementary tools.

The Platform welcomes new partners, collaborators and organizations to join and help develop and expand the range of toolkits, data and knowledge products that will be available. If you would like to share ideas or suggest products please contact us at

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