UNECE - Foster Efficiency in Transboundary Basins for Water, Food and Energy Resources

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The UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) commits to foster resource efficiency by supporting assessments of the water-food-energy-ecosystem nexus in transboundary basins. Under the framework of the UNECE Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes (Water Convention), the UNECE will identify synergies between the water, food, energy and ecosystem sectors in transboundary basins. It will do so on the basis of the methodology developed under the Convention. UNECE will also determine policy measures and actions that could alleviate negative consequences related to the multiple needs of the riparian countries for common resources and help to optimise the use of available resources, thereby fostering transboundary cooperation. UNECE will help countries move towards increased efficiency in resource use, greater policy coherence and intersectoral co-management. It will also develop capacity in addressing intersectoral impacts, including by disseminating lessons from the nexus basin assessments. The commitment will reduce negative impacts on transboundary waters, reduce the potential for conflict, promote more efficient resource use, and improve policy coherence.

The commitment falls under focus area 2 of the Batumi Initiative to promote the internalisation of negative externalities and the sustainable use of natural capital.

Implementing partners will include Finland as lead Party, FAO, European Commission, Member States and river basin organisations of UNECE Sustainable Energy and Trade Programmes, non-governmental organisations, research institutes, and academia.