Republic of Moldova - Promote Organic Agriculture

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The Republic of Moldova commits to promote organic agriculture as a way to ensure sustainable development of natural resources. Under the commitment, the government will assist organic farmers in meeting the standards and implementing the procedure required for international markets and organisations. The commitment will increase income and welfare in rural areas and reduce poverty resulting from high prices. It will also reduce soil vulnerability to erosion while increasing the soil’s carbon stocks, reduce emissions of greenhouse gases resulting from farming practices, enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services, and increase resilience to climate change. Another outcome of the commitment is the preservation of traditional landscapes. These landscapes can be valuable assets in the development of ecotourism.

The commitment falls under focus area 5 of the Batumi Initiative to develop clean physical capital for sustainable production patterns. 

Implementing partners will include Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, Academy of Science, civil society organisations, and farmer associations. 

This commitment is relevant to SDGs 1, 2, 3, 4, 12, and 17.