Portugal - Promote a Shift to Public Transport

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Portugal commits to improving the quality of public transport services and reducing the use of individual motorised transport. It will achieve this by offering better public transport options and modal integration; providing incentives for public transport and soft modes utilisation; providing new mobility services such as car and bike sharing; raising awareness of companies and big mobility generators; improving parking price management and increasing areas free of vehicles in urban areas. The commitment also proposes a new legal framework for public transport services responsibilities to be transferred from organisations of transport services to local and regional authorities. The commitment will result in energy saving, reduction of carbon in the transport sector, and improvement to air quality and well-being.

The commitment falls under focus areas 4, 5, and 8 of the Batumi Initiative to shift consumer behaviours towards more sustainable consumption patterns; develop clean physical capital for sustainable production patterns; and improve access to services, healthy living and well-being. 

Implementing partners will include regional transport authorities, transport operators, public and private employers, and municipalities.

This commitment is relevant to the SDGs 3, 11, 13, 3, and 12.