Poland - Implement the National Energy Advisory System

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Poland commits to provide support for local governments, businesses, housing communities and individuals in the field of energy efficiency and renewable resources. The commitment includes consultations services for local governments in area of preparation, verification and implementing Plans for Low Emission economy as well as training for local energy managers. It is expected to lead to the creation of Internet Platform allowing for the exchange of good practices and experience in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy. The commitment will increase awareness of  low-energy economy, increase the number and quality of Plans for Low-Emission Economy (PLEE/SEAP), and increase the number of investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy resources. ​

The commitment falls under focus areas 4 and 9 of the Batumi Initiative to shift consumer behaviours towards sustainable consumption patterns; and to promote public participation and education for sustainable development. 

Implementing partners include 14 Vovoidship Funds for Environmental Protection & Water Management and Marshal Office in Lublin.

The commitment is relevant to SDG target 7.3.