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Luxembourg commits to continue to support the "Pacte Climat Etat – Communes" or “State Climate Pact – Communes”. This pact reinforces the exemplary role of Luxembourg’s communes in the country’s climate policy “Global denken – Lokal Handeln” (i.e. Think Global, Act Local). Its goal is to reduce greenhouse gases and energy costs for Luxembourg’s communes as well as to stimulate local and regional investment, economic activity and job growth. 101 of Luxembourg’s 105 communes have joined the pact.

The pact consists of a catalog of 79 measures that guide the communes towards sustainable policy in the areas of climate change, energy and transport. After joining the climate pact, communes receive financial support and can be certified with the “European Energy Award” based on their degree to which they adhere to the measures referenced above.

The commitment falls under focus area 4 of the Batumi Initiative to shift consumer behaviours towards more sustainable consumption patterns.

Implementing partners include Luxembourg’s communes and citizens.

The commitment is relevant to SDG 13.