Lithuania - Enhance Protected Areas

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Lithuania commits to enhance its protected areas by supporting the maintenance of protected areas, cultural and natural heritage sites. The commitment also includes the installation of outdoor information systems and modernization of visitor and nature education centres. It aims to improve the provisioning of information on environmental issues to the public and the infrastructure in environmental-recreational sites. Lithuania also commits to increase the attractiveness and economic viability of cultural heritages sites. These measures will result in higher environmental awareness, efficient protection and well-balanced use of natural and recreational resources, as well as improved access by the public into protected areas. In addition, the commitment will improve the image of Lithuania as an attractive tourist destination. It will increase public awareness of Lithuania’s environment, cultural and natural heritage resources, turning environmental-recreational sites into centres of social, educational and economic activities.

The commitment falls under focus areas 9 of the Batumi Initiative to promote public participation and education for sustainable development. 

Implementing partner will include State Service of the Protected Areas under the Ministry of the Environment.

The commitment is relevant to SDG target 11.a.