Kazakhstan - Improve Waste Management, Waster Resources, Agriculture, Electric Power and Energy Efficiency

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Kazakhstan commits to improving the welfare of the population and the quality of the environment through cost-effective measures that mitigate pressure on the environment. The measures will include improvements to the waste management system, increases in energy savings and efficiency, improvements to the use of water, and the development of sustainable and productive agriculture. The commitment also includes the modernization of infrastructure through upgrades and new construction. Kazakhstan’s commitment will result in the transition of the Kazakh economy to a new economy model by increasing welfare and quality of life of the population. This will ensure Kazakhstan’s entry into the top 30 most developed countries of the world while minimising the degradation of natural resources and impacts to the environment. In addition, the commitment will enhance Kazakhstan’s national security, including water security.

Implementing partners include the Kazakhstan government, local authorities, the business community, non-governmental organisations, international organisations and financial institutions.