Hungary - Develop Energy-efficient Buildings and Shift Towards Renewable Energy

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Hungary commits to developing, reconstructing and remodelling of buildings for agriculture, local and national government, and non-profit organisations with energy efficiency developments and shifting towards renewable energy use. The commitment also intends to stimulate the building of new district-heating units based on renewable energy and the renewal of old units with shift towards renewable energy use. It also includes the development of projects for renewable energy use in agriculture. The commitment aims to decrease the dependency on international energy market, reinforce the local building sector, develop local expertise, create jobs as well as decrease environmental footprint. 
The commitment falls under focus area 5 of the Batumi Intiative to develop clean physical capital for sustainable production patterns. 
Implenting partners include Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of National Development. 
The commitment is relevant to SDG targets 7.1 and 7.2.